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We value our customer's experience at Manteno Chiropractic & Wellness Center.
Below are some client testimonials we wanted to share.

Leslie has been the light on my healing and wellness journey for over 15 years - she has given me knowledge and practices for life that allow me to take care of myself to my best ability without pharmaceuticals and other damaging methods that aim to harm the body - she has helped me treat the body as a whole not just a symptom - I’m addition her adjustments always had me leaving the office feeling more aligned in spine and soul.

Cody W.

Feeling the healing after the first visit! Second visit and feeling great and my sinuses are finally draining instead of being so clogged up. They are the posture police but it helps you feel lighter. The supplements recommended have gotten rid of 90% of my headaches. Also, learned how much water I actually need and feeling weight loss accelerated and hydration improving my mood and pain levels. Highly recommended!

Rebecca D.

My name is Dave and I am a patient of Dr. Botta. It was about 18 months ago that I started seeing her. My back and hips were in severe pain which caused me mental anguish, I was in a very bad place both physically and mentally. On my first visit we met for about 30 minutes just talked about my problems, and she started treating me that day. She took the time to know me, to help treat me that day. She took the time to know me, to help treat me. She not only treated me, but gave advice on supplements to help with my arthritis. Now I go in when necessary for maintenance. I am so excited for her with the opening of her new office and the different ways she will be able to help myself and others. Dr. Botta goes beyond being a doctor, she really just wants to help people.


Dr Botta and staff are seriously skilled and a pleasure to work with. I've been dealing with bulging discs and neck pain for many years... not any more. My neck hasn't felt this good in about 20 years and my back is getting back to normal. You couldn't even touch my lower back without me jumping in pain and in a very short time I'm standing taller with little to no pain and walking straight without limping and I feel more energy daily. I cannot thank Dr Botta and her team enough.

Bill B.

I cannot say enough about Dr Botta and her staff, they are friendly , and knowledgeable in so many areas to give you all around care . I normally don't do reviews but I felt compelled to due to the care and change in quality of life. It was truly money well spent, and I am very grateful for their care and support , and am living a better life

Mary D.

Just moved to the area and am super excited to find a wonderfully caring and thorough doc. The whole family is going to stay well and only get better.

Becky D.